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Our small Vermont family takes pride in making products from ingredients  either produced directly from our farm or purchased within the .  Our  first experience making products was at a local 'market.  It began with hand kneaded bread, maple syrup, honey and jams.  After numerous requests, our family decided that providing products throughout the year would be our next priority. 

We take pride in using our own farm fresh eggs, honey, maple syrup, herbs and veggies.  Each gives us (and we know you) the taste of freshness you cannot get elsewhere.  No additives or artificial products are ever used. 

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 We began My  Kids' Kitchen so our children would understand directly where our food comes from.   We are fortunate to grow   much of our own food here in Grand Isle County, Vermont on a former section of a dairy farm.  We added to that heritage by expanding and  including; a small fruit orchard,a sugar house, and bee .   

We  are now  catering  for customers.  We cater  events  ranging from 2 people to over 200 quests.  We  cater weddings,  barbecues, picnics, cocktail parties,  intimate dinner parties, business meetings, etc.   Keeping in mind  all of our recipes have been drawn from decades of  family favorites and honed to perfection by our scrutinizing kids who we all know are really the best critics! 

If it is a berry, pickle, syrup or muffin, it has been picked,  poured or baked right from local land and prepared in our kitchen.
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